Best North India Tour Packages

Posted by Pitambari Tours on 06:58
Unique destination with unique attraction, northern region of India is full of everything you want for your next vacation in India. If you are a nature lover or just a fan of the rich heritage of India, the country is blessed with amazing sights Featured leaving you spell bound.

All ready to travel through northern India on your next trip? Why do not you spend a little time to find the right tour packages that will make the trip more enjoyable? Below are the most popular packages that might fascinate North India tour most occur.

Golden Triangle Tour Package: Sell ​​like hot cake, tour package golden triangle is one of the most sought after tours in India for citizens and visitors. How amazing snapshots of India, covering the most enchanting destinations and cities, experience the modern lifestyle and heritage of monuments and capture the stunning forts and palaces - golden triangle tour is the ultimate combination of nature and the wonders made by man.

Delhi Tour Package: Delhi has many tourist attractions to keep pulling visitors throughout the year. It has some of the world class attractions like India Gate, Humayun's Tomb, Red Fort, Jama Masjid and many more. The capital of India never disappoints its visitors and allow them to taste the traditional and modern flavor.

RajasthanTour Packages: Take a tour with Royal Rajasthan tour package. Be witness to many important monuments, rich culture and heritage and learn about bygone era of Rajasthan. This is the land of rajas and maharajas. Therefore, it is natural to come through the royal palaces, forts, havelis, etc. Also, enjoy delicious Rajasthani cuisine, their sports festivals, music, sand dunes, dance and adventure.

Khajuraho Tour Package: Last but not least, is Khajuraho tour package. Those who are passionate about sculpture, Khajuraho is the place. It is a heritage site for its fabulous erotic sculptures. These sculptures are beautifully carved temples of Khajuraho. Ask locals for interesting legends behind these erotic sculptures. Khajuraho shows a fusion of sex and spirituality. The Khajuraho temples were built over a span of 200 years.

There are many more exciting attractions scattered in the region. You can add some flavor to the tour pamper your taste buds with the finest Indian cuisine and sumptuous. If you are in Delhi, you will have the opportunity to taste all the major cuisines including South India, North India, East India and West Indies.